Interviewed on Hinton Human Capital Show

Matthew Rochte, LEED AP was interviewed by Stephen Hinton on Blog Talk Radio for the Hinton Human Capital show.

SteveHintonSustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: Fact Vs Fiction

In this overview discussion we explored the origins of CSR and sustainability.  We could have easily spent a show talking about each of these along with any number of the topics we touched upon: philosophy, buzzwords, green, GHG, LEED, environmental stewardship, sustainable value frameworks, green jobs, innovation, and compliance versus opportunity and innovation, Opportunity Sustainability℠, and how business coaching plays into sustainability leadership.  Check out the show.

We’ll be doing follow up shows diving into specific topics.   Let Matthew or Stephen know what you’d like to hear more about or go deeper into, and don’t worry about the topic, he is interesting in many things, you will even find him sun bets offer, which is one of his biggest hobbies.

Recording Note 1: We apologize in advance for the low volume of Matthew’s mic
Recording Note 2: The recording accidentally included our after-talk wrap-up.

Links talked about in the show:

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Opportunity Sustainability℠ is a Midwest-based sustainability and corporate responsibility consulting firm specializing in green innovation and seeing opportunities where others see burdens. Matthew Rochte LEED AP, an experienced, operations-based sustainability consultant, working with company management to navigate and realize the opportunities in taking their company green and growing sustainably.

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