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Where does your business start with sustainability?

Exit Sign by yurdacan from about entering sustainability at the exit sign.

As a sustainability consultancy, there are two things we automatically notice when we walk into a customer’s office or building.

  1. How many and what kind of light fixtures they have   . . . and . . .
  2. How many exit signs they have.

General lighting is an obvious choice for sustainability, we’ve all been changing our bulbs at home to CFLs.

But, EXIT SIGNS? Yes, Exit Signs.

Here’s why. Updating your exit signs to use LEDs will, in most cases, save your company more than enough money in the first year alone to cover an in-office consulting visit.

When looking for opportunities in sustainability, some of the greatest cost reduction and economic bottom line opportunities are to be found in simple elements that we take for granted, like exit signs.

Did you you know

    • That the average incandescent exit sign cost a company $77 a year to operate?
    • Switching to LED light bulbs will drop that to $5.26 per year. ($71.74 in savings)

That’s a 93% operational cost savings for the company.

That’s just ONE exit sign – what if you have 5, 10, or 100?

Where else can you cut costs like that?

Learn more in our new white paper on the quick ROI (Return on Investment) when switching to LED exit lighting.

Opportunities in Sustainability:
Enter At The Exit
Quick Return On Investment
With LED Exit Sign Lighting

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If you want to enter the sustainability/green world, enter at the exit. In many ways, this is how the whole sustainability movement got started. Recycling is really about rethinking an exit – waste. ~MRochte

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Opportunity Sustainability℠ is a Midwest-based sustainability and corporate responsibility consulting firm specializing in green innovation and seeing opportunities where others see burdens. Matthew Rochte LEED AP, an experienced, operations-based sustainability consultant, works with company management to navigate and realize the opportunities in taking their company green and growing sustainably.

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  • Excellent information, Matthew!

    Thank you for showing us how small changes can make a big difference! This principle rings true for me on so many levels and for all areas of life. Every small step towards your goal brings you that much closer to reaching it. I hope many companies will follow your wise advice and start with the exit.

    Julia James

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