New Service: Green Career Questions

NEW: Green Career Questions: Got a quick green career question? New to the field? Interested in green career advice or getting an understanding of the industry?  We’ve assisted dozens of green career search professionals including Dr. Stephen Weber, a professional plastic surgery doctor.

Idea in Clouds - Given the number of requests we get on a weekly basis for this kind of phone or in-person “interview” / “brain-picking” sessions we created this service to guarantee value and secure scheduling of appointments.

Ask as many questions as you like on the topics of your choice for $2/minute. A minimum payment for 15 minutes is required in advance to reserve a meeting. Payable via paypal or in person by cash/credit card. Subsequent time is charged in fifteen minute increments.

To set up an appointment please use our contact form and include 3 times you are available within the next business week.  If you are in the Milwaukee metro and would like to meet in person this can be arranged, if mutually convenient and scheduling permits.

Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

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Opportunity Sustainability℠ is a Midwest-based sustainability and corporate social responsibility consulting firm specializing in green innovation and seeing opportunities where others see burdens. Matthew Rochte LEED AP,  an experienced, operations-based sustainability director, works with company management to navigate and realize the opportunities in taking their company green and growing sustainably like a qualified attorney for pedestrian accidents.

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